Julian, Helena, Melodie, Abel November 2016 - photo by Jennifer Crowder

Julian, Helena, Melodie, Abel

November 2016 - photo by Jennifer Crowder

What I Bring

You will fall in love with having:

  • A photographer dedicated to every one of the details that creates the gorgeous finished art.
  • Vivid, luxe, custom family art that will take your breath away again and again.
  • Your family life and love illustrated and honored in photographs you can show now and pass down later.

What It Means to Me

At some point in our lives, a photograph is all we will have of someone and all they will have of us. Photographs are powerful and they stay true even when our memories cannot. Unlike most things, photographs become only more priceless as time passes.

I'm hooked on the actual warm fuzzies my family photos give me every day. I hang photos and collect albums to show them how much I love them. I get lost leafing through albums, remembering both sorrows as well as so much sweet happiness. A vivid photo beats a fuzzy memory every time. 

If home is where the heart is, then it is where we find love, hopes for our future, and the stories of our past.  I believe photographs are essential in remembering and retelling those stories, now and in future generations.  

Why I photograph

Photography is my work because:

  •  I believe family photographs to be deeply meaningful and invaluable. 
  • Family portraits chronicle our lives—marriage and beginning a family, blending a family, watching our little ones blossom into their individual selves.
  • Creating treasured photos of your family is an honor for me; it is holy work full of love and intention.

Where I Began

I’ve always loved stories—reading them, writing them, and telling them. I began with photography in 1995, shooting and developing film, making my own photographic prints in a darkroom. I have since photographed everything from sports to weddings. I began college studying photography and journalism but took a few turns in my studies--I was interested in so many things! It would take me almost 20 years to come full circle back to my beginnings and to where I belong. I have the deep pleasure of working in photography and writing and my gratitude is in full bloom. 

In addition to portraiture, I spend a lot of my time photographing flowers. It has become a real labor of love and, if you're interested, you can keep up with some of that work on my Instagram feed.

Thanks so much for visiting me here.